Shop is opening very soon

We are delighted to advise that the shop at the rear of the pub is almost finished and will be opening during week commencing 14th October.

We have had shelving made, electrics installed and have purchased a fridge and a freezer. We now just need to stock it… and will be doing so in the next fews days.

Thank you to everyone who signed our community support form and/or left Facebook comments. We are extremely pleased that Pub is the Hub, a not-for-profit organisation, will be supporting this project as it fits well with their aim of utilising rural pubs to extend important local services. Thank you to Nigel and his team for helping with the funding as this has enabled us to open the shop sooner than we anticipated; it is very much appreciated.

We are sure the shop will be popular as we have received lots of very positive feedback from local villagers and holiday makers.

Here are some before and after photos, and for more details of what’s in stock, visit here.